Wood sculptures

sanisio story started 30 years ago.
Desire to express in art what it couldn’t be said in words. First were wood sculptures.
Always handmade & unique in their design.

He studies the olive, from its natural shape he brings out forms and structures. The olive reveals him what form will have a bowl, jewellery, miniature nice and fine crosses and many other top quality designed artifacts that provide his existence. Everything he makes is elegant, shapely designed in all the details all the way to packing. In many representative spaces he intervened introducing the olive tree…

Sculpture is the point of origin of Sasa Matjasic’s work from which later on emerged all the other domains: usable everyday items, souvenirs, interiors, works in public areas, details in religious buildings…

…The idyll in the landscape and in the studio, a bunch of black gnarled roots from old olive trees in which still live insects, various machinery and tools covered with fine sawdust that machines form when extract from the olive the fine structure, shape, deprive and polish to a very thinned surface.

He often opposes harsh structure to olive as logical sequence of nature from which it originated…

The sculptor is moving into a new expression intuitively, guided by his senses, and then by experience and intellect he ends the work technically perfect without leaving a single detail. Sasa Matjasic is an artist of emotion, intellect, perfect technical expression and creative level.

Vera Kos Paliska
(from the preface of the exhibition held on August 2009 in Gallery Alvona in Labin)

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