General Terms & Conditions

1. Copyright

This website and web shop are owned by SM DESIGN. All content that is displayed or located on this site and associated sub-pages, including published text, graphics, illustrations, photographs, documents, data and information can not be reproduced, distributed or in any way use in a way that is contrary to the General Terms & Conditions. It is especially forbidden to copy, modify, publish, transmit, sell, display or in any way exploit the content and visual identity of the above mentioned website.

If the Buyer acts contrary to these General Terms & Conditions we reserve the right to cancel the order. This includes a failed payment of ordered products or misuse of our website and web shop in any sense.

SM DESIGN and sanisio trademark are registered and protected by the Croatian State Intellectual Property Office.

Considering that all sanisio products are handmade occasionally the product that you will receive can slightly vary in size, color or wood pattern from the one shown in the photos in our web shop.

2. General Conditions

General Terms & Conditions are defined in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (Narodne novine br.41/14 i 110/15) and related to a Distance Contract. Accepting the General Terms & Conditions the customer confirms when ordering items for purchase through this web shop.

BUYER is any adult and legally capable person that accepts the General Terms & Conditions which is confirmed when ordering for purchase items in the Internet shop.

SELLER is SM DESIGN, trade for the production of items from wood, Put sv. Elizeja 60, 52212 Fažana, Croatia, Tax No: 36641268072.

All listed prices are in euros (EUR). The merchant is not in the VAT system, based on Art. 90 of the croatian Law on VAT.

The subject of a Distance Contract are the items offered on sanisio web shop – primariliy products of useful value such as jewellery, bowls, candle holders, spoons and other items from with author’s design such as sculptures and details fot the interior or exterior – made from wood and other materials. Characteristics such as material, dimension, prices, etc. are listed in the description of each item.

Supplier of goods is SM DESIGN, Put sv. Elizeja 60, 52212 Fažana, Croatia, e-mail:, mob: +38598335220.

PAYMENT METHODS include bank transfer (direct payment to the bank account) with the term for payment of 5 working days. The other offered option is paying through PayPal service. Read more on Payment & Delivery.

3. Settling Disputes & Termination of the Contract

Possible disagreements of claims between the Seller and the Buyer will try to resolve by peaceful means and by agreement. In case of any dispute the authority is on the court in the city of the Seller.

In the case of complaints regarding the products we hold responsibility in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Obligations on the liability for material defects. We will do our best to keep you satisfied and happy.

In accordance with the European Directive and the Consumer Protection Act the customer can cancel the order within 14 days after the receipt of the product. Unilateral Contract Termination must be made within 14 days from the date when the customer received the product and with a unambiguous statement sent by regular or electronic mail. This form can be used to terminate the Distance contract.

In case of Unilateral Contract Termination a refund will be carried out, including shipping costs, without delay and no later then 14 days from the receipt of your notice of Unilateral Contract Termination. Confirmation of receiving the notification of Unilateral Contract Termination will be provided without delay by e-mail. Refunds can be executed only after the goods are returned or upon receipt of evidence that the goods have been sent back to the Seller. Refunds will be made in the same way you made the payment. The cost of returning goods bears the Buyer (consumer).

Exemption of the rights of contract termination. The right to terminate the contract does not exist in cases of delivering the goods which is made according to the specifications or specifically tailored for the Buyer (consumer).

4. Delivery of goods & Delivery Time

Shipping is made via HP – Hrvatska pošta d.d. (Croatian National Post)

For any additional payments (the case of delivery of goods outside the Republic of Croatia or some other type of delivery within the country that are not foreseen in these General Terms & Conditions) the Seller will seek explicit consent of the Buyer.

In accordance with Art. 20 of the European Directive for the Distance Contracts – by which the goods are shipped to the Buyer by the Seller – the risk of loss or damage of the goods passes on the Buyer only when he, or a third party appointed by him, acquires physical posession of the goods. However, the risk passes to the Buyer at the time of handing over the goods to the carrier, if the Buyer has entrusted the shipping of goods to the shipping company.

According to the general provision of the Art. 18 of the European Directive the Seller will deliver the goods without undue delay, but no later than 30 days after the conclusion of the contract. If the Seller does not deliver the goods agreed with the consumer or within at least 30 days from the date of signing the contract, the Buyer will invite the Seller to make the delivery within an additional period of time that is appropriate to the circumstances. In the event that the Seller fails to deliver the goods even in the additional period, the Buyer has the right to terminate the contract.

5. Data Protection

We commit to respect the anonimity and privacy of our users. Information will be used and processed solely for the purpose of mutual communication. We can collect your personal data such as name, address, tax number, telephone number or e-mail address only if you voluntarily leave them. We are not liable on any basis for any damages that may result from improper or unauthorized handling of users data if the listed are not in the domain of this web shop. If the user suspects unauthorized use of its data he should promptly notify us on the e-mail: We do not record the number of the Buyers credit cards or store transaction data.

For those who want to be up to date with all the news at all times can simply subscribe to our newsletter by filling in the application form on our website or at the registration on our web shop.

6. Packaging

Most of the products offered on our web shop come in their own packaging. Each product has indications about the packaging. The most common are cellophane bags, wooden and cardboard boxes. As for the products for which we don’t have packaging, we will take good care to deliver it in a cardboard box with adequate protection for each product to minimize the possibility of damages in transport.

7. Cancellation of the Orders & Complaints

If you want to cancel your order please contact us on

In case you are unhappy for any reason, you can send us a complaint. A written complaint can be sent by mail (SM DESIGN, Put sv. Elizeja 60, 52212 Fažana, Croatia) or by e-mail on Please indicate the order number or your user name in order to determine more quickly the order in question. We will confirm you the receipt of the complaint in writing without delay, and a response, in accordance with the law, we will send within 15 days of receiving the complaint.